Sleeping Politicians

Being a politician is probably one of the most demanding jobs on earth. The demands and expectations from them take a toll on sleep. The demands do not depend on who the politician is. It will not likely to lessen for whomever is elected. The famous President Obama said that he really wanted to have 6 hours of sleep every night but it is not always possible because of the busy schedule. He also mentioned that having a quality mattress through Mattress Battle is of great help in promoting longer sleeping hours. How much sleep is really needed for senior executives like President Trump in order for them to have optimal function? This is an important question to ask especially to those candidates who already moved into full campaign mode because there are some studies that show that sleep affect an individual’s functioning.

According to Neurologists who have studied sleep for several years, sleep effects how an individual functions as well as his/her health. A very small percentage of people can function with 4-5 hours sleep a night but there are people who find it hard to function and be productive with so little sleep.

There are several studies that show the important functions of sleep on our body and brain. According to the meta-analysis of medical research literature, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society jointly released a consensus statement last year recommending that adults receive at least seven hours a night to maintain optimal health. This recommendation was based on a systematic review of former studies. In addition to that, having lower than 6 hours of sleep is inadequate to maintain optimal health.

Over the past few years, there are countless of evidence that shows the relation of sleep to the health and ability of a person to function well. Moreover, there are also studies illustrating the importance of sleep in eradicating age-related memory loss and progression to mild cognitive impairment and dementia.

In politics, a senior executive has staff that helps in organizing the myriad functions and communications necessary for regular operations such as meetings and managing problems or crises. Thus, a politician also need a capable staff with enough sleep.