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Senate Okays Bill Authorizing Release of $1.9 Trillion for “American Rescue Plan”

by Brennan Bobbie

The bill legislating the $1.9 trillion pandemic relief package known as the “American Rescue Plan” was finally approved by the Senate last Saturday (March 08). On Tuesday, the Democratic-led House of Representatives will concur the bill’s passing. The joint approval will then give the Biden administration the necessary funding to carry out recovery actions aimed at getting the country out of the worst economic crisis ever since the Great Depression.

The bill, which is said to be one of the largest rescue and recovery measures ever to pass Congress, is said to reflect the Democrats’ promises to eradicate disparities that have been in existence even before the occurrence of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

Key Takeaways of the “American Rescue Plan” Pandemic Relief Package

First and foremost among the key takeaways of the “American Rescue Plan” is the additional $1,400 stimulus money that Americans could have received had the $2 000 pushed for by Trump and the Democrats, been passed in December 2020 by the Republican-led Senate.

The bill also authorizes the new yearly child tax benefits, seen as a way of boosting the income of American households. Unemployment payments for workers still out of a job will also see an increase, while low-income earners will receive assistance in paying for child care.

Analysts project that the financial aid for families could alleviate poverty, in light of struggles to pay mortgages or rents and in buying food as well as other basic necessities.

In addition, the bill provides measures that will lessen the tax bills imposed on businesses, as well as provide funding to improve the finances of state and city governments.

Hospitals and schools will receive major financial boosts as part of the new U.S. government’s responses for helping the people recover from the effects of the coronavirus; to eventually return to regular life a year after the pandemic first arrived.

However, efforts among progressive Democrats to raise minimum wage to $15 per hour, failed. Some so-called centrist Democrats opposed and contended that a federal wage hike is not compatible with the budgetary requirements that can be approved under parliamentary rules.

Trump Arrives in Georgia, This Time Urging GOP Voters to Go Out and Vote

by Brennan Bobbie

Since Georgia GOP voters believe the elections were rigged, Trump found it necessary to convince his Goober State supporters to vote in the senatorial election . Winning the Georgia senatorial election is critical for the Republican Senate, because if senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler lose their seat, the GOP will lose majority control of the Senate.

Georgia conservatives were encouraged by Lin Wood, a pro-Trump trial lawyer to do away with the runoff elections. Wood alleged that the Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is under China’s payroll and is allowing foreign intervention to take place in the US’ national election. To his 730,000 followers, Wood tweeted last Saturday not to vote for Senators Perdue and Loeffler since the outcome of election runoff has already been pre-arranged.


Trump had to personally campaign to the two GOP Senators, he asked those who attended the rally not to listen to his friends; but instead urged them to go to the election polls to vote for Loeffler and Perdue.

Trump Continues to Blame Republican Georgia Governor for His Loss in the Georgia Election

In addition, Trump blames the Georgia Governor and Georgia’s Secretary of State, both Republicans, as responsible for his loss in the Georgia elections; saying the two officials did not verify signatures to ensure that only legal votes were counted. Trump is actually mad at the two GOP state officials as they did not disagree to contentions of fraud and manipulation as no proof was presented to support such claims.

In his defense, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp said he already explained to the president that signature audits have been conducted three times: in November 20, November 24, and December 3. The results only reinstated their confidence that the state election process had counted only legal votes during the presidential election but still resulting in a Trump loss.

As Trump Stokes Racism and Violence, Is the Worst Yet to Happen if He Loses?

by Brennan Bobbie

Part of Trump’s campaign strategy includes inciting his die-hard supporters to commit acts of violence, which could get worse if he fails in the election. Not one who easily accepts a lost battle, Trump is apparently prepping up his league of white supremacist followers on the courses of action to take should Joe Biden win the U.S. presidency.

Why is Trump Promoting Violence?

Trump is already sending out messages that the only way Joe Biden will win the election is by way of a rigged election. Since he has already provoked racism and violence in different major cities, it will not be hard for him to rouse his hooligans to continue with what they have been doing in case he loses his position.

That way, Joe Biden will be faced with greater problems to make it harder for him to launch whatever plans are in line to solve the country’s economic and social problems.

In fact Trump is encouraging violence among his supporters, promising to pardon them in case their acts lead to imprisonment.

Trump is Actually Fueling Racial Tension

Morality is not in Trump’s vocabulary because he is openly fueling racial tension between African Americans and white Americans. His responses to the Kenosha shooting clearly shows his sense of right and wrong is not the appropriate place. The Kenosha incident was about an unarmed African American named Jacob Sheldon, who was shot 7 times in the back at point blank rage by a police officer.

Although Trump visited Kenosha, he only did so as part of his Wisconsin campaign sojourn. He refused to speak or meet with Jacob Sheldon’s parents nor even expressed any words that could alleviate their grief as their son now lies paralyzed because of the shooting.

Instead, Trump added insult to injury by referring to the Kenosha shooting incident as a mistake that police officers commit when under pressure; comparing the shooting action as a reaction similar to missing a putt in golf. He rationalized further that the violent incidents arising from the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests are just parts of conspiracy theories against him and his presidency.

To make his show of contempt for the BLM movement even more obvious, Trump defended a 17-year old teenager who shot two of the protesters who joined a BLM rally seeking justice for Jacob Sheldon. While the 17-year old Kyle Rittenhouse is a resident of Antioch, Illinois, his armed presence at the Kenosha rally meant he came to Wisconsin as one of the many Trump supporters called upon to disrupt the Sheldon protest movement.

Trump made no effort to condemn Rittenhouse but instead defended the young man as one who was only trying to get himself out of a big troub;e that could have killed him.